My mission in life is to help my clients get into the best shape of their life.  Do you want:

  - Better overall health

  - Higher energy levels

  - Better fitness

My programs are proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels, by using ALL of the fitness tools and knowledge available.

 Services I offer include:

o               General and Advanced Personal Training

o               Regenerative / Physical Therapy

o               Massage / Reflexology / Reiki / Qi Gong

o               Nutrition Counseling

o               Tai Chi / Wu Shu / Jeet Kune Do

o               Bouncer / Personal Defence Skills



     People often ask me, "Why should I train with you?"  It's a great question.
     And my answer is, First, because I was not born a natural athlete but had to teach myself to be one.  And secondly, because I have had to learn all my skills not once, but twice!  Those two reasons make me an excellant teacher / trainer.
   As a child I was a book worm and somewhat overweight!  It wasn't till I discovered girls that I got interested in looking better.  I that's when I started my first journey into 'health'.  I became a skilled rock climber, scuba / snorkeler, weight lifter and a martial artist.  I even joined the US Army and served with the 101st as forward recon.
     Then, at 28, an auto accident left me with multiple whiplash through the neck and shoulders and 2 shattered vertebra. I was in constant pain, and could barely walk.  The doctors prognosis was to have surgery and fuse the vertebra and that I would never run or train again. 
     Instead I returned to my martial arts roots, learned Tai Chi / Wu Shu and used those skills to completely heal EVERYTHING - my spine, back, neck and shoulders.  Now 60, I have the back of a 25 year old, with zero injuries or problems, with greater flexibility and strength than I had before my accident.
    Knowing how to correctly align the body when moving is the unique skill I bring to my clients.  Having this prevents most injures and helps to completely heal any injuries that you may have.  Since these moves are effectively self applied 'chiropractics' you cause your body to naturally align as you train.  The results: you actually do get better as you get older...!
     And never say you are too old to learn something.  I actually did not start playing with an Indo balance Board until I turned 55!  Now I can do entire training and Tai Chi routines while on an Indo Board.  So if I can do it, anyone can - especially if you have me showing you how to do exactly the same thing for yourself.....


     Bob Linzy  is  an  excellent  holistic trainer,  and by that I mean  his knowledge  and experience  takes  into consideration the whole person, physically and emotionally. Over the years I have worked with many trainers, and performed my own research, to keep my workouts effective and interesting. Eventually I got stuck in a rut, lost my motivation, and allowed my fitness level to decrease. Then I injured myself for the first time and needed help.

     Then I met Bob.  I immediately  got caught  up in his  energy,  enthusiasm and  knowledge.   I had  finally met a trainer that had all of the qualities I had been looking for.  When I hired him he interviewed me to ensure he had all the information necessary for him to help me, including medications I was taking.  He also took into consideration my schedule knowing how important it is to make it all work,  and not try to do the impossible.     I saw  results after a few weeks, and I continue to see improvements and more definition by following his advice.  I also follow his easy to implement nutrition plan.

     I must admit I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life!!!  Thank you Bob.

Gina Gearn, San Clemente


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